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Basically, Feng shui decorating is conducted following guidelines that in effect will draw the potential of the eight compass […]

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Feng Shui Principle

It is not clear when did the principles of Feng shui start. Its development has been going on for […]

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The Feng Shui Compass

Ask any good Feng shui consultant and they will tell you that there are no fixed cures for all positions in Feng shui. A good Feng shui house for example may be good during the time it was constructed, but in Feng shui everything is fluid. Time and things changes. Unlike science where there are fixed answers to questions that would be consistent and will give the same result over and over, Feng shui does not. But like science, Feng shui gives answers that are very specific, […]

Feng Shui Colors and What Do They Represent

In Feng shui, there are different zones that could be tapped to enhance a particular energy flow. The energies come from the eight compass direction. Taking the bagua as a point of reference it should come in the following order: The topmost portion of the bagua is divided into three zones namely (from left to right), the zone of wealth, reputation and partnership. The middle quadrants are family, taichi and creativity. The bottom quadrants represent zones for wisdom, career and helpful people. Feng shui colors helps so […]

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

Generally, bedroom colors should be muted. The colors in the bedroom should be chosen to make it truly a restful place. Bright colors have the tendency to make the bedroom appear less relaxing than it should be. However, the practice of Feng shui will always have people in mind. It is this basic principle that makes it very attractive to its adherents. This principle could be extended even to the selection of bedroom colors. Conventional bedrooms, design and application will take into heavy account those that cater […]

Feng Shui Tips, Practices and Meaning

Whatever the philosophical orientation of a person and no matter where he is coming from and sometimes whether that person realizes it or not, the world is interpreted by symbols. The word worm for example will be interpreted by an English oriented mind as not having four feet and that, which barks. Similarly, Feng shui uses symbols albeit in a manner that is only more familiar to the oriental mind and those that practices its principles. Again, speaking of principles, Feng shui is basically attracting nature’s positive […]