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Feng Shui Improvements for the Bedroom

It is universally preferred that bedrooms must be rectangular in shape. A square shaped bedroom follows this preference then come the bedroom that is irregular in shape. This is so because the rectangular bedroom is the easiest way to decorate. Most items and furniture that goes inside the bedroom are rectangular and the decoration and items are better suited for that which takes on the shape of the room. The more irregular the shapes of the room, the more discomfort the occupant of the room feels, sometimes […]

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Feng Shui Tips, Practices and Meaning

Whatever the philosophical orientation of a person and no matter where he is coming from and sometimes whether that person realizes it or not, the world is interpreted by symbols. The word worm for example will be interpreted by an English oriented mind as not having four feet and that, which barks. Similarly, Feng shui uses symbols albeit in a manner that is only more familiar to the oriental mind and those that practices its principles. Again, speaking of principles, Feng shui is basically attracting nature’s positive […]

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